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Permanent Christmas Lighting

Add a fun glow with UL-listed permanent Christmas lights and commercial LED lighting

Oelo brings your outdoor style to light with permanent structural lighting for your home or business. Practically invisible by day, Oelo's permanent Christmas lights blend in with the building's fascia for a seamless look, while Oelo's color-changing LED lights are uniquely expressive by night thanks to Oelo's customizable color app. Install them once and let them light up your day-to-day moments, celebrations and seasons for years to come!

Why Oelo permanent holiday lights?

  • You’ll never have to hang holiday lights again
  • the oelo system is rated for 100,000 hours of use
    customize for every mood or moment!
  • The only ul-listed system of its kind

Permanent holiday lighting for the home

Oelo can bring your home to life with its color-changing LED lights. Highlight your unique architectural features, exude curb appeal and radiate endless seasonal festivity.

Outdoor commercial LED lighting solutions

Making your business more noticeable has never been easier — or more colorful! — with Oelo’s color-changing outdoor commercial LED lighting solutions.

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